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The Brainisphere could be the key to giving teens the best chance at the best life.

If you’re a teen today, your tomorrow can look uncertain, a little scary, even a little bleak. Our next generation is going to need all the right tools if they want to survive and thrive in a very uncertain future.

The Brainisphere is a simple idea based on decades of science that shows teens why a handful of simple habits, routines, and even values can not only help them to maximize their brain, mental, and physical health, but could also set them up for a happy and successful life.

And most of it based simply on the way that they think. And the sooner teens start to understand and apply these ideas, the sooner they will become second nature and a natural part of their daily lives.

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The Brainisphere?

In this 20-minute video, the creator of the Brainisphere explains the science behind the idea, and how the 15 pillars of brain health could also be the recipe and roadmap for getting the best from life. And especially for our teens.

(For a shorter, 5-minute version, scroll down.)


Meet the brain behind the Brainisphere

The Brainisphere is the result of a six-year study by Neal O’Farrell, an award-winning cybersecurity expert who hacked his own brain to try to figure out his decades of mental illnesses.

His focus was on brain health, and if better brain health could make a difference to his mental health.

The result of his investigation is the Brainisphere, and he recently gave up his 40-year career in cybersecurity just to focus on brain health.

And even more important, to see if a good brain health regimen really could hold the key, crack the code, to a happier, healthier, longer, and even more successful life.

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Social media and teen mental health

Social media might play a central role in teen mental health, but in a much more insidious and deliberate way than we might think. This new video explores the research.

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