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The origins of Brain Hack

The word hacker was not meant to refer to or imply a criminal, as widely used by the media. Instead it was the term given to an early generation of technologists who simply would break into things. Or at least try.

To find out how they worked, perhaps to prove that they didn’t work as described, or simply to find ways to make them better. No crime or malice intended.

When Neal O’Farrell finally decided to confront his nearly 50 years of struggles with multiple mental illnesses, it was his 40 years in cybersecurity, his hacker mindset, that immediately kicked in.

He set out to discover everything he could about the brain. How it worked, why it often didn’t, and what if anything he could do to make it better. And he turned what he learned into the Brainisphere.

A set of tools, habits, routines, and in many ways just different ways of thinking, that were shown by science to not only help heal the brain but to help it function to its optimum. And in turn trickle down to and improve every part of life.

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