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It's time to take the stress out of cybersecurity

Studies over the last five years continue to show that stress in cybersecurity is still at chronic levels, with more than half of security professionals saying they’re thinking about quitting their job – and even the industry.

That’s not just a massive and urgent personal risk that needs to be managed, but presents a growing organizational risk too.

Using his 40 years in cybersecurity, and almost as long dealing with chronic stress that almost cost him his life, Neal O’Farrell will show you and your team how easily stress can be removed from your life and your career. And in many cases by little more than changing the way you think about stress.

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“I spent 40 years in cybersecurity, in some very challenging environments, and the stress nearly killed me. So I killed the stress.”

Neal O’Farrell, creator of Hacking Stress!

Welcome To Hacking Stress!

We have lots of different ways to help your security team overcome stress and even turn it into a healthy advantage. And we have decades of experience to back it up.

Check out some samples below, including a 4-minute overview of the training, and an 9-minute introduction into the DAM system for managing stress, a system rooted in security risk management.

It's Personal And It's Urgent

“Cybersecurity professionals are facing unsustainable levels of stress. The psychological impact of this directly affects decision quality and the performance of cybersecurity leaders and their teams.” Gartner, 2023.

“51% of cybersecurity professionals experienced symptoms of extreme stress or burnout in the most recent 12 months.” VMWare, 2022.

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Meet Your Host

He spent forty years in cybersecurity and the stress nearly killed him. So he killed his stress.

Now he’s building psychological and emotional resilience for communities around the world.


Stress management is a great security investment

Turns out that investing in stress management is about more than, well, just managing stress. And we believe we have the best answer for security stress.