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Six Good Reasons To Hack Stress

1. It’s the most affordable way to maximize the overall health of your security team, and handcrafted just for them.

2. It can help to significantly improve security by tackling some potentially serious mental and psychological obstacles to performance.

3. It can help improve engagement, focus, decision making, clarity of thinking, and attention.

4. It can help with retention and recruitment.

5. It can help make your team happier, calmer, and more optimistic and motivated about the mission.

6. It can help make everything else in life better too.


Our Approach And Options

Our goal is to make our training available in a variety of formats so that your security team can access and use it based on what suits them.

A live presentation that's also recorded for later use.
A prerecorded presentation divided into small bite-size lessons.
A collection of short videos that are always on and always available.
And we can even host the content for you at no cost.

We Have Some Big Plans For Stress!

We’re working on a collection of short videos that will introduce your security team to the more than 20 evidence-based and science-supported ways they can get a grip on stress.

From mindfulness and breathing, to the best diet and exercise for stress, to mind-changing ideas like metacognition and gratitude. There will be something for everyone.


Just some of the topics we cover

All about the stressors in cybersecurity, including the less obvious ones.

The personal and organizational risks posed by unmanaged stress.

The psychology and biology of stress, how it works in the mind and the body.

The 20+ evidence-based and science-supported options you have for taming stress.

Understanding the crucial difference between stressors and stress, and why that’s such good news.

The power of mindfulness and breathing for instant stress relief.

My own personal stress journey, how cyber stress nearly killed me and how I killed stress.

The relationship between stress and cynicism and how it can double the threat.

The DAM system for identifying and diffusing all the stressors.

Even if you’re not struggling with stress. Why the treatments for stress can also hold the key to the best life. Improving brain health, mental and emotional health, physical health, and even life and career success.

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