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Secure In 60 Seconds

Our collection of dozens of short and expert videos on every cybercrime, fraud, and scam topic.

Whether it's protecting yourself, your family, or even a small business, there's something for everyone. And they're free for everyone.

The collection of more than 50 videos covers identity theft, senior scams, protecting a small business, teens and social media, AI crimes, and so much more.And the dozens of different things you can do to avoid them all.

Each video runs for just around one minute, enough time to learn about the most common threats and simple steps to avoid them. The videos are short and to the point, easy to come back to for a quick refresher, and easy to share with family and friends

If you'd like to use these videos in your workplace or business to teach your employees or customers, we'd love to talk. And we can even include your logo and branding.